COOLA - Mineral Body SPF50 - Fragrance-Free 5 oz

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COOLA - Mineral Body SPF50 - Fragrance-Free 5 oz

COOLA - Mineral Body SPF50 - Fragrance-Free 5 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love this stuff!

I use this every day and I love how it is frangrance free and creamy. I have a very fair complexion and I will say it leaves a slight white cast but it doesnt bother me because it almost makes my fairness more creamy looking. My skin texture has improved since wearing it daily and no allergies from it. I highly recommend especially if you have fairer skin otherwise it may leave a cast .

B. Mulder
Worked well near the equator

I bought this product because I was going to be in the field for a month, outside, every day, all day, in Tanzania at high altitude. A severe sunburn would be hard to treat in the remote area we were in, but also I am very careful about protecting my skin from aging. I had to have mineral based sunscreen because as a whitewater kayaker I know its the only truly water resistant kind and it was going to be sweaty. And since I knew I was going to be putting it on every day, and we didnt have running water in the field (bucket showers only) I didnt want it to feel gross. (I really wanted to try the spray but I didnt want to put anything pressurized in my luggage.) And I had already discovered the Coola face sunscreen (30spf version) which had impressed me with how silky smooth and not greasy it is. Now this IS greasier because it is a higher SPF. BUT I think this product is as good as youre going to get with the protection youre getting. Like I said, Im a white water tiger, so I have used a LOT of mineral sunscreens. This was hands down the most comfortable one Ive used. And it was effective. I didnt burn once�only time I did burn was when I forgot to put it on one day toward the end of the trip, when we were out for just a couple hours�and I got the first 2nd degree burn Ive ever had in my life. That was what this stuff had protected me from, all day every day, the entire trip. I did tan a little but I think that was mostly from the few times I was not covered during short bouts or it was cloudy. For my face I used the Coola 50spf face product.

Organic and it works!

This is a great product that is healthy for you and the planet. Just got back from the carribean and I am glad I had this. The version for faces is great too. Yes, because it is a mineral block, not chemical, you can get a slight white film. But I did not get burned ever!

Excellent and reef safe

A zinc sunblock that actually rubs in pretty well and doesnt feel like its clogging all my pores, Im impressed. Yes its still a little white on application but I feel like thats a good thing because you know if you missed a spot. And its not nano zinc, so it is actually reef safe.

Cruelty free, Sensitive Skin Friendly, and moisturizing!

A cruelty free, mineral, and extremely sensitive skin friendly sunscreen! I had started off using the SPF 30 version of this - hated it, then gave it another chance, and gave my skin time to adjust to it, and have been obsessed with it ever since. It is more like a lotion, and is not entirely unscented. Though the scent is mild and does not bother me, despite having some smell it is as the package says fragrance free, it has no added fragrance. I was really happy to see this come in SPF 50. The difference between this and the 30 is that this has less of a scent, and is even thicker with a bit more of a white cast. Probably due to the higher SPF. I am normally a matte person and this sunscreen does have a matte finish. But its not a drying matte, as I said it is very much like a lotion. I find that my lizard skin is very soft with this sunscreen. It does not make my face more oily, but I do find it pairs well with foundation. It provides a very nice smooth, soft base. I have tried probably 10 brands of sunscreen, with various textures and finishes, while this is by far the most expensive, it has been the best. It stays well with my makeup, it doesnt break me out, though keep in mind, it took several days of wear to get my sensitive skin used to it. I have heard several other ppl have had to give their skin time to get used to it too. My only con is that it is expensive, $36 but you can get it on sale for less and I have. Though $36 for 5 ounces is cheaper than some of the other high end brands. Considering this is 70% organic and doesnt bother my dry, eczema and acne ladden skin, I can handle the price. Make sure you wait a few minutes for it to soak into your skin before you put makeup on. Overall, I have and will repurchase this. It is one of the only mineral sunscreens on the market that is cruelty free with a matte finish, fragrance free, and does not bother my skin.


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